Covid-19 Alert

Dear All,

Outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected all.

As a responsible company, Corporate Investigations India Pvt. Ltd is serious about uninterrupted continuity of services to our clients, stakeholders and about safety of all employees.

Our new work ethos-

Corporate Investigations India Pvt. Ltd. (CII) is following all guidelines including Govt. of India and Delhi State Govt's guidelines regarding Covid-19. We are continuing with monitoring the situation. Adjustments as required will be made on priority.

Lt Col. Sunit Vijh, COO, CII
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Electronic Sweep

Intelligence gathering plays an important role in corporate management. It is a complex two way affair- ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE and COUNTER ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE.

Electronic Surveillance is conducted with highly sophisticated electronic surveillance systems as well as by simple means such as by tape recorders, parallel telephone connections, hard wiring to a listening device etc.

In Counter Electronic Surveillance, CII employs electronic counter measures (ECM) experts, with state-of-the-art counter measures equipment. A systematic physical inspection is carried out with use of appropriate equipment to detect and neutralize.

For hidden electronic devices buried into walls, detection is made possible by means of a Non-Linear Junction detector. It has the facilities to differentiate corrosive and semiconductor devices hidden in fanciful objects, photo frames, art pieces, walls etc without damage.

CII experts ensure that Electronic Counter Measures totally eliminate eavesdropping and the clients can hold talks or meetings in a safe and secure environment by means of an Electronic Sweep prior to the meeting etc and thereafter keep the area under continuous electronic surveillance during the period of use.
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