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As a responsible company, Corporate Investigations India Pvt. Ltd is serious about uninterrupted continuity of services to our clients, stakeholders and about safety of all employees.

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Corporate Investigations India Pvt. Ltd. (CII) is following all guidelines including Govt. of India and Delhi State Govt's guidelines regarding Covid-19. We are continuing with monitoring the situation. Adjustments as required will be made on priority.

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Inspect the identity and background of the drivers you hire

CII offers its experience and investigative services to conduct antecedent verification on each and every driver in order to inspect the identity and background of the drivers you hire.

Drivers having committed serious crimes have alarmed the cab companies all across the country. Several cities made it mandatory for the cab companies to only hire background screened drivers.

Here's a snippet by Bengaluru police commissioner M.N. Reddi.

"We have directed all taxi operators in the city to do a thorough background check of drivers employed with them and not to employ any drivers without verifying their service record with us,"

Driver's verification can be conducted with the help of following checks:
  1. Address verification
  2. Criminal background verification
  3. Driver's license verification
  4. PSV (Public Service Vehicle) Badge verification
  5. Driver's training towards being a great cab driver- handling situations/passengers -Dos and Don'ts. Classes to teach how to tackle with passengers who panic, who are drunk, with female passengers etc.
  6. Reference check from past employer/s, if applicable.

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