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Referral Check

A Referral check is a potent tool for an employer when a regular pre-employment verification is not desired, especially when a senior level professional is the candidate..

Referral Checks must be resorted to for averting the impact of the deviation of opinion and planning of the candidates, after the selection in the interview. Such referral checks are very convenient and expedient safety measures for the employers.

This stage of the hiring process deserves the most attention from any prospective employer's standpoint. There is too much at stake and a bad hire resulting from a poor or negligent reference check process is sure to spell disaster. From the company's viewpoint, at executive/senior level, a reference check is one of the most useful sources of information about a candidate's past performance, his/her technical and core competencies, his/her soft skills, his/her behavior/character/personality, credibility, relationship skills, people handling skills, time-management etc.

CII has experts with vast knowledge and communicative skills to derive meaningful information about the applicant from references.
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