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Dear All,

Outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected all.

As a responsible company, Corporate Investigations India Pvt. Ltd is serious about uninterrupted continuity of services to our clients, stakeholders and about safety of all employees.

Our new work ethos-

Corporate Investigations India Pvt. Ltd. (CII) is following all guidelines including Govt. of India and Delhi State Govt's guidelines regarding Covid-19. We are continuing with monitoring the situation. Adjustments as required will be made on priority.

Lt Col. Sunit Vijh, COO, CII
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Security Survey

Security survey is essentially an exhaustive physical examination of the area or premises of a unit and a thorough inspection of all operation systems and procedures. It analyses a facility to determine the existing state of its security, locates weaknesses, and determines the degree of protection. It ultimately leads to recommendations for establishing a total security programme. .

A Security Survey/Audit of an industrial unit / office comprises of:
  • Physical security of the building including perimeter wall and assets within including fire prevention and control.
  • Security Systems (Technology) for access control including intrusions and break-ins.
  • Monitoring of sensitive areas/assets within including recording of events for later detection and investigations.
  • Information Security including safeguarding of information in computers.
  • Formulation/updating of SOPs related to security.
CII is committed to providing world class security consultancy, investigation services and a wide range of risk management services in the Indian sub-continent and abroad.
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