Covid-19 Alert

Dear All,

Outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected all.

As a responsible company, Corporate Investigations India Pvt. Ltd is serious about uninterrupted continuity of services to our clients, stakeholders and about safety of all employees.

Our new work ethos-

Corporate Investigations India Pvt. Ltd. (CII) is following all guidelines including Govt. of India and Delhi State Govt's guidelines regarding Covid-19. We are continuing with monitoring the situation. Adjustments as required will be made on priority.

Lt Col. Sunit Vijh, COO, CII
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About the Founder-Chairman, Colonel Ajit Nagrani (Retd), psc, MSc.
Colonel Ajit Nagrani has had 25 years of brilliant army career including Commandant of an Armoured Regiment, Instructor at National Defence Academy, Military Assistant to Deputy Chief of the Army Staff, ADC to the President of India and later, working with ITC, Group4 Securitas, Pinkerton USA., etc.

A true visionary, who helped pioneer the pre-employment verification movement in India, Col. Nagrani, foresaw the pressing need to screen potential employees at all levels of the staff and management to weed out undesirables and thereby bring in Profit-Maximization. Today several companies which have witnessed a dramatic surge in the company’s financial bottom line and a more synergic environment credit a part of their success to CII.

Col. Nagrani is a driven man with a sharp instinct. Through CII, he is committed to provide world class investigative services to the market players locally and globally.

He is also a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) and Association of Private Detectives of India (APDI) besides being a member with other such professional organizations.

About the Director, Ms Harinder Kaur
Harinder has several years of hands-on experience in investigative back-ground work. A graduate from Delhi University, along with a degree in Education, she has also been an 'Educator Extraordinaire'. She has many awards to her credit in the education field. She has been specially trained in Behaviour Sciences. Her gentle demeanour belies her steely resolve and determination.

Her rich experience in HR and hospitality industry has given her additional exposure and expertise. Besides other functions, she is also responsible for innovating and upgrading.

She is a change agent, an execution master. Her beliefs of honest work ethics, nurturing relationships, mentoring team continuously translate into organic growth of the business.

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