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License/Certification check

License/Certification verification

Whenever a license impacts employment, License Verification becomes an essential part of a comprehensive background check.

Typically, a professional licence/certification mentions the Issuing Authority details, licensee’s name, licence details with unique licence No. and period of validity.

Licenses are easy to forge. Most of Frank Abagnale’s fraudulent activities were possible because of his ability to forge documents.

Because of the new-age tools and techniques including digital manipulations, the forging of licences, certifications, documents has increased manyfold in recent times.

Verification of various licences/certifications is an important step toward protecting your business from liability claims, penalties and accidents that may happen as a result of persons doing what they are not licenced to do.

Types of Licences/Certifications-

Medical professionals, doctors, food & safety, legal, various IT certifications, teachers, architects, engineers, public accountants, pilots, dentists, nurses, drivers, lift operators, ISO certifications, others

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