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Tenant Screening

“In all metro cities, the police, authorities and laws have made it mandatory to have tenant verification done.” Says Mr. Palav Agarwal, a well-known lawyer, director of JP Legal.

IPC does not have any provision or section that criminalises non-verification of tenant but if a tenant is arrested, or he is a criminal then the landlord can also be booked for criminal conspiracy and criminal intent for abetting an unlawful activity. That is why tenant verification has to be done.

Aim of tenant verification-

To be aware of criminal history, if any, of the tenant

To ascertain tenant’s payment capability

For your own and the neighbourhood safety.

To meet compliances set up by Govt/police authorities. In some states non-verification of a tenant who has been found to be a criminal may lead to arrest of the house owner on charges of complicity and sheltering a criminal.


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