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1. Kickbacks case - A reputed Placement company was facing complaints from senior professionals who had been placed at high positions in various companies by this placement manpower company. All complaints related to the professionals having paid underhand kickbacks to the company’s recruiters after the placement. CII swung into action. Discreet investigations revealed the identity of the recruiters who had received these kickbacks.

2. Fake job postings case – A very large and successful India-origin company was facing huge loss of revenue and was earning notoriety to its brand image. The companycontacted CII to know if we could identify people behind fake jobs being posted in the name of this company. They had been facing this problem for a considerable time and had tried various ways to combat it, but were not successful. These fake job postings were on various portals, on media and on social media. CII, armed with the latest advanced technological tools and a dedicated hawk-eyed workforce not only identified the perpetrators, but was able to take down all these fake job postings and in addition got them to undertake in writing further such malpractice.

3. Identity Theft case – During verification, a job-candidate’s academic qualification supporting certificate seemed suspect. On further investigation it was found that this academic institution was using another international institution’s logo and a similar sounding name.

4. India’s one of the premier universities case - Qualification verification of a job-candidate took CII to one of the top universities of India. This University was neither providing verification nor acknowledging the request, nor answering calls, nor replying to follow ups. CII took the matter to the highest authorities of the university , the VC and the Registrar. When that too yielded no result, CII went up to the UGC and to the State Govt Higher Education Principal Secretary, an IAS cadre officer. The Chief Vigilance Officer, UGC and the Principal Secretary were instrumental in bringing the university to book.

5. Sexual molestation case - When Corporate Investigations India started BGV verification of a senior candidate, the ex-Head HR of a company, prima facie it came out that there was a sexual molestation case concerning him. On digging deeper, identifying and contacting the concerned courts and law enforcement agencies, identifying the victim (a difficult task as law does not allow revealing the sexual molestation victim’s name), and the lawyer who handled this case, CII was able to get to the truth of the matter. It was proved by CII, with supporting evidence, that the candidate was not the one who committed this offense, but his superior.

6. Fraud court case filed by a senior ex-employee on a reputed infrastructure company - CII was approached by the infrastructure company when the recently separated ex-employee filed a court case against his ex-employer, an infrastructure company. We were able to collect solid proof that the claim by the ex-employee was bogus. The court case was won by our client.

7. CASE STUDY INVOLVING A PHARMA COMPANY - An overseas client, keen to have an association with a large pharma company in India approached us to check out the pharma company’s reputation. What was causing discomfort to our client was that the pharma company was able to produce certain products at exceptionally low rates. The international client wanted to confirm the company’s process, whether they were quoting low to secure orders only to hike up later or the low price would affect the quality of the product or that the pharma company was bypassing compliances. We used open sources, from where key persons in the industry were identified with whom primary research was carried out. Our report was well received, and the client was hugely facilitated in enhancing their business.

8. CASE STUDY INVOLVING A NBFI - An Indian client, a non-banking financial institution was keen to hire a very senior professional. CII was asked to conduct a full-scale due diligence on the candidate. His previous companies gave him a clean chit and did not wish to reveal more that the basic details available with the HR. CII went into depth with detailed secondary searches followed by primary research and uncovered a POSH case against the candidate which apparently the previous employer was not disclosing due to their policy.

9. CASE STUDY REGARDING DUAL EMPLOYMENT - A large company (client) suspected a few staff of one department of utilising their office timings for their personal gains. CII conducted due diligence on three suspects and uncovered that more than 50 persons were involved in dual employment. They all were members of a multi networking organisation which was marketing household goods. They recruited into their network persons from their office. This was against the company policy. Because of our evidence, the company was able to take strong disciplinary action, get its processes under control and revive its productivity.

10. When a major university wanted to get on board the director of a deemed university to be the Vice Chancellor, CII was asked to do Individual Profiling of the candidate. It was a shocking revelation that there was rampant cheating, favouritism, fudging of funds, modifications of teaching staff’s promotion reports. It was also found that there was a POSH case against one of the professors which the Director had suppressed.

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