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Drug And Alcohol Abuse Test

Drug And Alcohol Abuse Test

Drug and Alcohol Abuse test

The most common drugs in the drugs/substance abuse are Marijuana, Cocaine, Heron, Ecstasy,

Methamphetamine, Opioids.

Alcohol Abuse test is an on-the-spot test.

Benefits of Drugs & Alcohol abuse tests -
Types of Drugs Tests-

Urine testing- (most commonly used test)

Hair follicle testing

Oral fluid testing

Alcohol testing (Unlike other tests for drug consumption, alcohol tests can only show current levels of intoxication. Breath alcohol tests are the most common form of alcohol testing in the workplace. Alcohol tests using this methodology are administered by having the person blow into a breath analyser and the results are given as a number.

When to do a drugs and alcohol abuse test

Pre-employment testing, Random testing, Suspicion-of-abuse testing, Return-to-duty testing, Periodic testing,

Follow-up testing.

NOTE: CII’s representative collects Urine/Hair follicle sample from the candidate under strict controls. This rules out impersonation or the possibility of the candidate providing someone else’s sample.

This service is PAN India.

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