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Identity Theft/Impersonation

Identity Theft/Impersonation

According to Symantec’s 2019 Internet Security Threat Report criminals are increasingly resorting to stealing identities to commit crime.

Identity Theft or identity fraud has been in the news recently because of the shift to remote hiring & WFH. This means that the recently hired employee, remotely interviewed, and with whom the interaction is going to be limited to Zoom/247meeting/Blue Jeans etc, is in reality, someone else. This impersonation is also called ghost hiring, candidate impersonation, or candidate identity theft. A similar situation is when someone applies for a job by assuming the identity, the resume, the work history of another person who has all the right credentials for the job.

Identity Theft/Impersonation –
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Corporate Investigations India has solved a number of identity fraud and impersonation cases.

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