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What is an Employment gap or Gap in employment?

Any period which is not covered in a job-seeker’s CV is considered a GAP. This is a period when the candidate is not employed either is between jobs, or without a job after completion of his/her academic/professional qualification etc.

This in itself is not an alarming matter. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the vast majority of people have been unemployed at some point in their working-age lives. Many people take a break from work due to reasons ranging from taking care of a sick family member, bringing up children, travelling etc. These are voluntary gaps in employment.

However, an unexplained, involuntary gap is what worries a prospective employer.

The market place has no time and offers for job seekers whose CVs show an unexplained gap.

GAP VERIFICATION is a great tool to help an employer to know how the gap time was spent by the job-candidate, especially when the employer is serious about getting the job-candidate on-board.

CII’s Employment Gap verification- An independent, unbiased probe into the reason of gap between employments helps the principal employer make informed decision.

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