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Blog Name 31 Aug, 2022
With the virtual world taking over and the dominance of online meetings and interviews, candidates are conning their way into getting jobs. Cheating or lying in a resume is not new, but now applicants are using proxies and other fraudulent means in online interviews.
In Hyderabad, most companies especially the large ones are reporting 3-4 such cases per week. It is also seen that red reports of bgv have increased quite a lot from 1% or less of all hiring to 3-4%, which is a very significant hike. On top of this most of the cases have emerged in Hyderabad alone.
India is facing a huge shortage of skills and much pressure to hire. This has resulted in compromising on the verification standards. It was found that there is an entire chain/racket working here. It was found that cheats who are caught often spell beans on another colleague who got their job the same way.
Industrial bodies like the society for cyber security(SCSC) and the Hyderabad software enterprises association(HYSEA) recently had a meeting and decided action is necessary against such rackets. Initially report was not filed to protect the brand Hyderabad but now it has crossed a certain threshold, as told by the member of the bodies.
Some case studies:-
1.      Manager of the top tech firm was left puzzled when a woman software engineer who aced her interview was found to be a dud at work. She confessed later that her twin sister impersonated at the interview.
2.      In another case one techie of Hyderabad with an annual salary of Rs 10 Lakh hired another IT professional for 25k for his daily day-to-day coding.
These cases throw light on the importance of the BGV for every organization. One bad hiring can cost you a lot of time and resources. Prevent this by availing our outstanding background verification services. Reach out to us at
(Source- Times of India)

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