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Blog Name 04 Dec, 2023
Cyber fraud is gaining momentum, and the numbers are only increasing. Some typical examples and safeguards are given below. Keep reading.
  1. Phone number search on Google. Several similar looking names of organisations or links will come up. Carefully choose your link as it is here that several fraud names /organisations will be lurking. And once you connect with them you will be lured to do your transaction with these frauds by their smooth-talking methods. Under no circumstances give them any information like bank details or OTP or any personal information.
  2. SMS Response. NEVER open any link that you have received by SMS. In all probability, it will lead you to a fraudster and your data will be hacked.
  3. Tempting offers. Never open any such link giving you free bees like buy one get one free etc. Most of these are fraud. REMEMMBER THERE ARE NO FREE LUNCHES.
  4. ATM Trawling. There are plenty of methods to clone your card and copy your PIN. Cover the area from all sides to prevent any hidden camera recording your PIN etc and particularly check the slot thoroughly before inserting the card for such like device.
  5. Credit & other Card swiping. Always swipe your card in your presence. Never allow the card to be taken away by the waiter / petrol pump assistance etc. It can be cloned very easily.
  6. Screen Sharing Apps. Whenever your screen is shared on Team Viewer or Any Desk or any other such app, be vigilant on what the other person is doing. While working with the other person on any screen sharing app, all passwords must be typed by you and not allow the other person to type it in.
  7. WhatsApp. Your friends DP can be copied, and a WhatsApp account can be created. You will be under the impression it is your friend who is connecting with you. They will then ask you for money on some pretext and you will believe it and get cheated.
  8. Call Forwarding. This is dangerous and must be monitored. Do it for as little time as necessarily required only. Important things like OTP etc can be forwarded and your bank related things be misused.
  9. Face book. A fraudster can copy your details from your FB account including your photos, family photos, vacation photos and other details. Then open another FB account on your similar name and defame / fraud you and your friends. They could extract money etc on a pretext or sympathy note etc besides pasting some fabricated picture. Or stating your gift is lying with Custom authorities and you need to pay so much etc to have it cleared.
  10. Phone Charging and Repair. Do not charge your phone in wayside public charging areas like some small shops etc. The cable connection will steal your data away. Instead, carry your Power Bank with you or use your own car for charging. Similarly, do not give your phone to a wayside small shop for repairs. Give it to the authorised only.
  11. Sextortion. Avoid video call except from totally trustworthy friends. Your picture from the video call will be warped and merged with some mischievous porn type picture. Now blackmail starts or this picture gets viral.
  12. Electricity Bill Fraud. You may receive a SMS stating your bill is due and if you do not pay by today, your electricity will get cut. To pay now click on the link. To convince you they will charge you Re 1 as a trial and then whoosh, your money goes. Don’t fall for it. Your electricity will not be cut off without the electricity department giving you several notices.
  13. Pension / LIC. Do not pay give any account details online.
  14. OLX / Medicine / Purchases.  Do COD instead of online payments unless you are positive you are on the correct link.
Safety. Observe the following precautions.
  1. Freebees. Do not fall prey to temptations like buy one get one free or such like.
  2. Do not logon from an unknown system particularly in the market. If necessary, do so but ensure no sensitive information is communicated.
  3. Do not use Phone number, Date of birth, pet name, car number etc as password anywhere.
  4.  Photographs in your phone all get packed in the Google Cloud. THIS INCLUDES COPY OF YOUR CREDIT CARD, DRIVING LICENSE, PASSPORT- ETC.
  5. Once a fraudster gets the password of your mail ID he will even get your OTP etc.
  6. Lock your phone with a strong password – should it get lost or stolen.
  7. Lock your SIM. Go to Settings and “Lock your SIM”.
  8. Do not share too much on social media. Travel out of station, foreign trip, selfies at the airport etc till you return home. Why do you need to publicise your where about and people come to know that your house is alone.
  9. Keep you Credit card and Debit card limits low. You can easily increase them when you require and thereafter reduce it again.

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