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Blog Name 12 Oct, 2022
We have all heard of moonlighting or dual employment as it is all over the news these days. Wipro chairman Rishad Premji first called it “Cheating-Plain and simple” and then came down hard by terminating 300 of its employees found to be moonlighting.
And it is not just limited to Wipro only, entire Indian IT industry has been voicing over it as it is most prone to moonlighting culture.
Tech-Mahindra has been thinking of a policy to keep checking the efficiency and productivity of candidates.
Adding to the list recently, the chief HR officer of TCS Milind Lakkad on asked about moonlighting said “TCS has a long-term commitment towards its employees, and the employees also have a reciprocal commitment towards TCS. Moonlighting we believe is an ethical issue. It's against TCS's core values and culture. We've been communicating about this. We haven't taken any action so far.”
The same goes for Infosys, Mphasis, and many more.
Moonlighting is an integrity and security issue but it’s not only limited to that.
It is difficult for a person to show up for his first or second job with the same energy and intensity while moonlighting.
Also in most instances, people use the same laptop, the same wi-fi, and even the same schedule for dual employment. It not only compromises data but also is intellectual property theft.
Our Founder & Director Col. Ajit Nagrani, views dual employment malaise as something very deep-rooted in the corporate world in the wake of the WFH/WFA/Flexi timings culture. It is a fallout of the Covid pandemic and now it has become imperative to check an employee if he/she is indulging in this.
Corporate Investigations India has been receiving requests from multiple of its clients for the past few years for dual employment checks of its employees. The results were there to see, many candidates have taken up moonlighting.
We have been successfully bringing out the truth about employees' dual employment to employers.
If you are worried about your employees being involved in dual employment, if you want to put some light on this whole MOONLIGHTING SAGA, reach us and we will be helping you in finding out the probable employees that may be involved in dual employment.

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