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Blog Name 27 Dec, 2022
I assume we all are aware of the phrase “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”. At times our rear-view can make us believe that the approaching object is still at a distance from us.
Being associated with the background verification industry, I can say with utmost care and certainty that the same goes for employees, vendors, probable associations, etc as well. You might think that you are distant from all the fakery and fraudulency going on but you never know.

Every week or shall I say every day, we keep encountering news of fake institutes busted, companies found to be lending fake experience letters, and so on.

A similar case came to light this month in Bengaluru when the Bengaluru Police busted a racket that was issuing fake certificates in the name of renowned Indian educational institutes. It is not something new, working closely with my operations team I keep coming across such rackets that have mushroomed in the last 4-5 years at an exponential level.

 It is suggested to all the entities out there to go for background screening while hiring. It helps you in making your hiring genuine, protects you against loss of resources, time, and money, and promotes competency and safety at the workplace.

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