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Adverse Effects of drugs for an employer-
  • Drug and alcohol abusers pose a danger to themselves and all those around them.
  • They are more likely to be involved in a workplace accidents.
  • They are prone to demanding compensation claims.
  • They frequently come late to work.
  • They request to be let off earlier.
  • They over-stay leave.
  • They are absent more often.
  • They lower productivity among employees.
  • They are a bad influence on colleagues.
  • They consume higher healthcare costs.
  • They increase threats to the health and safety of employees.
  • There is a higher possibility of theft.
Do you have a Drug Free environment in your workplace?
  • CII conducts 5/7/9/10 panel Drugs-of-Abuse test to protect your workplace from the negative effects of alcohol and substance abuse.
  • This helps identify abusers.
  • This discourages employees from coming to work unfit for duty.
  • It is a huge deterrent for potential abusers.
  • Such verifications is a small fraction of the cost incurred overall.
Advantages of Drugs of Abuse Tests
  • Workplace violence is reduced. Workplace safety is enhanced.
  • There is considerably less possibility of theft.
  • Lower leave/absentee rate.
  • Production/efficiency/output is increased.
  • Lower Healthcare expenses.
  • Elimination of chances of hiring employees who may be users or abusers.
  • Elimination of referring current users and abusers to professionals for assistance, thereby saving on avoidable expenses..
  • There is discouragement to occasional users to desist from this habit and avoid addiction.
  • Encouragement to those who have given up the habit.
  • Hiring verified professionals is part of compliances and contracts in many organizations, eg., EHS.
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