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Corporate Investigations India Pvt. Ltd. (CII) is following all guidelines including Govt. of India and Delhi State Govt's guidelines regarding Covid-19. We are continuing with monitoring the situation. Adjustments as required will be made on priority.

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Employment Screening Service

Searching for a background screening provider is a careful, thorough process. There are a number of important characteristics you should seek out in a provider:

Sources of information for the verification – Reputable screening providers go straight to the source, procuring records from employers and educational institutions, licensing bodies, courthouses, database and record repositories is the most accurate means of verification.

Quality Assurance - Your selected screening provider should have an established quality assurance process in place. Investigators, data, and final reports should all be properly monitored with proven methodologies.

Compliance – Methodologies and information should be completely compliant with all necessary compliances. Reliable employment screening providers procure information in strict accordance with these laws and regulations, reporting information that you can actually use to make legal and effective hiring decisions.

International capabilities – Your reports accuracy is in question if your screening service providers resort to using third parties if your candidates had been located or educated or had worked in different parts of the globe. What is the capability of your service provider in language expertise and knowledge of cultural protocols.

Experience – Your service provider should have at least five years of service experience. References will give you good and important indicators of a provider's reliability and record of customer service.

Understanding of your industry - You should also be careful to work with a screening provider with clients in your industry sector.

WATCH OUT FOR those providers of background checks (who often create a false sense of security for their clients)but rely on outdated, unproven resources to obtain information and faulty – and sometimes unethical or illegal – methods in preparing reports.

Why Choose CII?
Information sources – CII relies on primary sources and the authority of records to procure our background information.

Accuracy – CII firmly stands by the information released to clients, as it is vetted through a proven quality assurance process. Processes are continually audited to ensure we strive beyond perfection. We constantly look for new means to speed up and provide information which is of immense use to the client.

Compliance – CII follows all the concerned compliances and laws and regulations of the land.

International capabilities – CII has a global footprint backed by solid global experience of several years.

Experience – CII has one of the longest histories in the business in India – decades of providing background screening services to big business houses including MNCs and years of experience with small and big companies located all over the world.

Understanding of your industry type – CII professionals have deep experience in working with a variety of industries and organizational types.

A suitable TAT( Turn Around Time) as required.

Competitive prices.

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