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Blog Name 28 Jul, 2022
According to the report by NITI Aayog around 7.7 million workers are engaged in the Gig economy and this number is increasing continuously.
The gig economy has several benefits and a few downsides too. Many workers who were employed in gigs are returning to their work as lockdown in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon Noida, etc. has lifted. For these people, the gig economy has become a regular source of income. Benefits of the gig economy include:-
·        Job is created on large scale.
·        Freedom and flexibility of work.
·        Easy access to services.
·        Price advantage for consumers.
Although, some downsides to gig economy also exist like inconsistency in services, arm-twisting by the service provider, and trust issues. Govt is also facing several challenges like the gig economy being highly unregulated, also there is a lack of policy on job structure, tax, and privacy.
While the gig economy is booming, companies need support to unlock its full potential with expedite the hiring process and performing checks on these individuals quickly.
1.      Background verification:-
BGV is in no doubt, the top confidence-inspiring parameter amongst customers. CII PL has state-of-art BGV services which are tech-enabled and conducted with a fine balance of transparency and privacy.
2.      Credential checking:-
With the empanelment of CII PL in NASSCOM as EBC(employment background checker), our credential verification system is trusted by major players in the industry.
3.      Data interoperability:-
With tech-savvy software and a dedicated team, we have vast database resources which help in quick verification of candidate ID and criminal court records.
4.      Data privacy and security:-
CII PL has licensed OS, authorized applications, antivirus, and disabled USB ports. Blocking of social media, depositing of mobile phones, and certification of ISMS 27001:2013 and QMS 9001:2015 assures best practices of information security.
The gig economy will contribute approximately 90 million jobs in near future. We at CII PL are ready to help you in easy and safe hiring so that you can shift your focus on core business activity. Contact us today at to streamline your hiring process.

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