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Blog Name 22 Sep, 2022
While remembering the COVID-19 pandemic all we can think of is the lockdowns, suffering, mass migration of labour, economic downturn, and so on.
One thing that was hardly touching any mind, is how it has revolutionized the working of different industries.
With the rise of WFH (Work from Home) and the WFA (Work from Anywhere) culture, rose the moonlighting culture.
Now, what is moonlighting?
Well to give you a perspective, it means to have a second job while having a full-time first job parallelly. It is mostly secretive and the person executes it on the weekends or at night and in some cases parallelly with his first job.
It is regarded as the main reason for employees declining to work from the office.
It is both unethical and harmful also raising an issue of integrity about the employee as well as the company data that he can share with a competitor.
How to avoid moonlighting?
There are different measures an employer can take to ensure it.
Employees can be conveyed that if they are found moonlighting it can lead to a termination of their services.
Employers can track and monitor the activities of their employees.
The best way to deal with this is that they hire a BGV (Background Verification) service provider to unearth such employees involved in moonlighting/dual employment.

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