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Gig Economy and Indian Scenario 28 Jul, 2022
According to the report by NITI Aayog around 7.7 million workers are engaged in the Gig economy and this number is increasing continuously. The gig economy has several benefits and a few downsides too...
Effective Due Diligence 11 Jul, 2022
A business depends on a host of third-party vendors to support its core business functions. These third parties may include:- ·        Distributers ·&n...
Drug abuse test- Its Importance and benefits. 26 May, 2022
Drug abuse test relevancy has increased manifold as compared to previous years as people are involved more in activities like smoking cannabinoids and doing other types of drugs at parties and social ...
Digitization of employee Background Verification – Transforming HR functions 09 May, 2022
The Pandemic has taken a toll on the human resource functions and is continuing to challenge it. This has made the use of technology an asset and tool which can be used for an employee background chec...
Identity Check - Basic yet most important background verification 02 May, 2022
The era of technological advancement also paved the way for the forging of documents, IDs, and records of persons. The documents are forged to fulfill various goals like getting a job, getting admissi...

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